Depending on the size and subject of the print I use different techniques that ensure a museum quality print that will last for decades. Limited edition of 10+2 AP unless mentionned, signature + numerotation.
I may use either Lambda/Lightjet prints or pigment print mounted on official Diasec®, square Alu frame + suspension.



The Diasec ® process is a patented system which fixes chemically a printed photo behind a transparent acrylic glass. The term Diasec ® is protected by copyright and the service is only available through authorised suppliers. The Diasec ® adhesion does not make use of glue but create a chemical reaction between liquid components. The Diasec ® system is dust-free, air bubbles-free and protect the artwork like no other system does. Altough there are cheaper options, I am using acryl glass on the front AND on the back of the photo. On the back, I could eventually use an aluminium or Dibond Panel. Many artists are using this alternative. I am using exclusively acryl glass on both the front and the back of the photo for two reasons, it is aesthetically stunning (an aluminium or dibond back add distraction. It is not pure). There is no problem related to differential thermal expansion between aluminium and acryl glass.
The DIASEC ® finish is an expensive process but provides a long lasting print and a protection against UV. The most expensive photo of the World (“Rhein II”) from German Artist Andreas Gursky use the very same Swiss patented process.



To inquire or order artwork you can contact my galleries.