“UP IN THE AIR” favorite art from the Affordable Art Fair NYC

I’m glad to share with you the following article from Town & Country mag.  The “UP IN THE AIR” series has been selected by Kevin Conley , Arts Editor at T&C mag, as being one of  the Affordable Art Fair favorite piece of Artwork.

Town & Country hits the Affordable Art Fair and the AIPAD show for a sampling of this week’s favorite art.

The premise of the Affordable Art Fair, at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street, April 3-April 7), suggests a certain uneasy expectation about art: that if art is any good, it can’t possibly be affordable. But collectors have to start somewhere. The cutoff line for affordabilty, for purposes of this fair, is $10,000. That can buy a major statement, like the “Shoreline—Study 2,” by Antoine Rose, a massive photo, larger than your average NBA power forward in recline. The mood recalls the work of the more renowned Italian photographer Massimo Vitali. But Vitali works in a cinemascope scale in standard sea-and-sky perspective; Rose shoots his beach scenes straight down from the open door of a helicopter. ($7,000, at the Emmanuel Fremin booth.)