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Claude Lorent, Arts Editor, La Libre Belgique (BE)

Parmis les autres expos à ne pas manquer, du côté de la photographie, on pointe les photographies de plages prises d’hélicoptère, à la verticale des sujets, par un autre Belge, Antoine Rose qui dans la froide lumière évacue quasi le sujet au profit de ponctuations chromatiques.

Katherine Brooks, Arts Editor, The Huffington Post (NY, USA)

From Xavi Carbonell’s vibrant, Basquiat-inspired canvases to Antoine Rose’s spectacular aerial photographs, there are endless options for all art collecting newbies and aficionados

Kevin ConleyArts Editor Town & Country mag (NY, USA)

Town & Country hits the Affordable Art Fair and the AIPAD show for a sampling of this week’s favorite art. The premise of the Affordable Art Fair, at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street, April 3-April 7), suggests a certain uneasy expectation about art: that if art is any good, it can’t possibly be affordable. But collectors have to start somewhere. The cutoff line for affordabilty, for purposes of this fair, is $10,000. That can buy a major statement, like the “Shoreline—Study 2,” by Antoine Rose, a massive photo, larger than your average NBA power forward in recline. The mood recalls the work of the more renowned Italian photographer Massimo Vitali. But Vitali works in a cinemascope scale in standard sea-and-sky perspective; Rose shoots his beach scenes straight down from the open door of a helicopter. 

 Private collector (NY, USA)

My husband and I were quite taken with the ” Casual Meeting” since we saw it at AAF in NYC last fall, and even after recently attending Art Basel in Miami earlier this month, we still haven’t been able to find a piece of artwork more right for our family and our home. We are lovers of the beach – and we feel the piece captures the spirit of summer, community but it also captures the need to carve out a separate and private sense of space in a public setting that New Yorkers especially can relate to. We also love that this piece feels more abstract without the water appearing in the shot, and it seems to inspire conversation and wonder about each group you captured in that moment 

Hanneke Beaumont, Award winning Sculptor (BELGIUM/THE NETHERLANDS)

We went to see your photo’s, and I think they are very good! I also like very much the way you framed them. You are on the right track , so keep up this good work 

John R. S. (UK)

A bit of class. Someone who has a clear vision for their picture-making, knows where in the landscape to find their subject, and has the technical capability to realise those aims.

 Richard schwarcz (FRA)

Voici un lien vers des photos d’une grande composition créative. C’est très original et sort des sentiers battus.